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Sunshine State Treatment Center 

At Sunshine State Treatment center, we use a wide array of therapeutic, and holistic methods to help overcome substance abuse. Our treatment center is small and intimate, clients know staff on a first name basis, focusing on the individual needs being addressed and assessed.  Your stay in our treatment center follows a daily schedule of activities that focuses on long-term wellness and success. Combined, with our 30-60- 90-day programs and sober living (90 days or longer)* we accept a maximum number of clients, allowing you to be on a first-name basis with staff and peers.

We strive to stamp out and stop the repetitive cycle of addiction in the community. Our highly trained clinical and medical staff offer a wraparound service as to why we are a dual diagnosis center focusing on not only the clients addiction and mental health but their overall well being. 
                                       Treatment Options
                                       12 Step Approach
                                       Stages Of Change 
                                       Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
                                       Motivational Enhancement Therapy
                                       Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
                                       Individual/Group Therapy
                                       Yoga/Massage Therapy
                                       Art and Music Therapy
*Note: We strongly recommend that clients between the ages of 19-22 at the time of admission enroll in our 60- or 90-day programs.