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Sunshine State Treatment Center 

About Us

Sunshine State Treatment Center is a preeminent substance abuse treatment center located in Palm Beach County, Florida; the relaxing sunshine state.  Our mission is to provide individuals with the hope and the strength on the road to recovery.  Giving them the knowledge to embark on an addiction free journey. Our passion is helping others who seek recovery from addiction, and achieve self growth, independence, and emotional support.

We specialize in addiction treatment for individuals with co-occurring/dual diagnosis mental health and substance use disorders, forming a truly integrated program, with a continuum of addiction treatment services, from assessment through outpatient and aftercare.   We have created a practice that we believe in and choose for our own family members.

We work together to serve your entire family for all of your medical needs in all stages of life. Sunshine State Treatment Center believe's in providing comprehensive drug treatment services to our clients in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, situated along side Palm Beach's coastline. We also believe in educating our clients providing them with the ability to be successful as a whole. .the best physical state possible.  

We are a full-service treatment center with more than 30 years of healthcare and social services combined. We have dedicated, experienced clinicians who believe in working with our clients to maintain and improve their sobriety. Our physician is certified by the American Board of Medicine and SAMSHA, and comes to our treatment center with years of experience in drug treatment.  Our board-certified nurse practitioners and clinicians always consult with the attending physician prior to working with each client in order to provide informed, consistent care at all times.

To schedule an appointment, please call: 1.844.479.4766.